First, let me start by thanking you for taking the time to visit, and read my stories! I’m really excited to share my story with prospective students, and let current students know that they’re not alone in their frustrations.

Currently, I am in the nursing program at the local community college after 4 years at USF studying chemistry. With the economic situation that we were in in 2010, all I heard about was how a degree did not guarantee a job. This was unacceptable to me as I had already racked up considerable student loan debt, and did not want to be paying it off my chemistry degree in a retail job at a grocery store. About the time I considering dropping out, a position in the pharmacy opened up, so I took it, thinking I could continue my degree, work as a pharmacy technician, and go to pharmacy school.

About one and a half years passed, I was done with all but one semester of pharmacy pre-reqs, and the pharmacy had already worn me down. When I first started, I thought I would be doing more to help patients I saw the pharmacists doing. The reality was that people just didn’t respect their retail pharmacist much more than the person slicing their cold cuts in the deli. It was clear to me that a change was in order. I was crushed. I had almost 5 years worth of college, and no real direction. Over the year and a half in the pharmacy, several pharmacists suggested nurse anesthetist. At the time I had kind of blown them off, and thought, “No way! I want to be the most helpful pharmacist ever!” But as my desire for a pharmacy career faded, my thoughts returned to this career path.

In my research, I talked to many people online, over the phone, and in person. From this, I realized that this would be a job that I would love. Nobody I talked to complained about their job like even the pharmacists did when I was researching that job. Then I talked to my sister in the RN program, and she opened my eyes to the true magnitude of what nursing could really be. As an RN alone, the possibilities are endless. You can work for a nursing home, hospital, as a travel nurse, on a cruise ship, for insurance, or pharmaceutical companies, and the list goes on and on and on! And the earning potential is HUGE even as an RN before any Master’s programs. From this point on, I was sold, and decided to spend a semester getting the pre-reqs for the RN generic program, applied, and got in! Now it’s not always so easy, but my background in science at USF really helped. For details concerning the application process, see my post about it on the site!


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